IN-Spiration Challenge: Get Creative and Keep Moving Forward

Due to my negligence, there was not an IN-Spiration yesterday or today. So I am mixing it up and incorporating that IN-Spiration into this week’s challenge and, if you’ve been paying attention to my posts you probably know what the


focus is going to be on.

Disney! More notably, the creativity that inspired generations of artists, storytellers, and fans to unleash their inner child.


Your challenge this week is…GET CREATIVE!

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” -Walt Disney

The beauty of creativity is that you can basically do anything. The Disney company is proof of that, being the first to produce a feature length animated film (“Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”) and ushering in a world-wide entertainment empire.


Being creative and fostering that idea within your company can help your business achieve the impossible and create something worth while.

Before you can do the impossible though, you must believe you can.

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” – Walt Disney

Even if you fail, the power of belief can help drive you towards an innovation that you could never imagine. So, get creative. Make something. Dance and sing like know is watching. Think outside of the box. No matter how impossible being creative might seem, you need to keep moving forward like Walt Disney always did.

John Lasseter continued to move forward despite business failures and being fired from Disney animation.

“Keep moving forward.” – Walt Disney

Our In-spiration Challenges are meant to push the limits of our followers so they can inspire themselves as entrepreneurs and human beings.

What is “In-spiration?” In addition to creating custom content for entrepreneurs, Write Mind Media LLC is dedicated to helping business professionals create inspiring brands.  We help them to become better business professionals and human beings through inspirational quotes, an in-depth look at how these ideas can help you in business, and developing weekly challenges to push our readers to do better.

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