IN-spiration Challenge: Dare to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

We did it! The first week of Write Mind Media’s blog is all wrapped up.

Was it stressful? Yes.

Were there moments where I wondered what I was doing? Of course.

Were there technical difficulties? YEP!

However, here we are. We made it, but the end of the week can mean only one thing…. Our first In-Spiration Challenge!

All this week, our in-spiration posts have possessed a similar theme.

We want you to dare.

Each quote dared you to…

-Fail and struggle.

-Shake the world.

-Help others.

-Do the hard things.

This weekend, we want you to take this inspiration a step further. We want you to take a step out of your comfort zone and DARE. The most successful people in history are the ones who dared to be uncomfortable and struggle because they knew that their vision would be worth it in the end.

Talk to someone you don’t know. Start some crazy new business venture. It could even be as simple as taking a left instead of a right on your way to work. Just have fun with it.

Then, when the weekend is over, TELL US ABOUT IT! Go to our Facebook page, our Instagram, or comment down below and tell us how you dared this weekend. And don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog next week for more in-spiration and our next in-spiration challenge.

Our In-spiration Challenges are meant to push the limits of our followers so they can inspire themselves as entrepreneurs and human beings.

What is “In-spiration?” In addition to creating custom content for entrepreneurs, Write Mind Media LLC is dedicated to helping business professionals create inspiring brands.  We help them to become better business professionals and human beings through inspirational quotes, an in-depth look at how these ideas can help you in business, and developing weekly challenges to push our readers to do better.



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