IN-spiration: One Word of Truth

Today’s IN-spiration comes from the Russian Writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn and is a quote that I have held dear since high school.

“One Word of Truth Will Outweigh the Whole World” — Alexander Solzhenitsyn

When I first read this quote, it made perfect sense to me while confusing so many others. It is the belief that the right word in the perfect place can change the world.

Since their creation, words have always had power over humanity. They have freed entire countries from tyranny and condemned criminals to death. Words can give hope or cause despair. All you need is to know how to use them.

As entrepreneurs, words can help convey a certain image to your audience. Perhaps, they can be used to help energize your team towards success.

The key to creating powerful words to influence your audience is to be sure there is truth behind them. You can use your words to lie and manipulate, but eventually, it will only lead to despair and mistrust. If you incorporate your truth into your company’s content, audiences will feel closer to you as a person. It gives your service, product, or story a face to trust.

Look at Solzhenitsyn. A Russian writer during the reign of the Soviet Union, Solzhenitsyn was an outspoken critic and wrote personal accounts of the mistreatment his people faced. It was his truths that helped bring to life the experience of Soviet prison camps so those responsible were seen for what they were.

Now, I’m not saying that your marketing campaign must defy regimes and change history. However, they do need to make an impact. Every word must count. After all, one word wasted can always tip the scales from your favor.


What do you think? Can words really have such an impact in the world of viral videos and Snapchat? Is there a way that your words aren’t being used to their fullest potential? Let us know in the comments below!

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