IN-Spiration: How Fun Can Foster Creativity in the Work Place

In honor of our motivational Monday with John Lasseter, tonight we are using one of his quotes for our IN-Spiration.

“People want to be creatively satisfied, and having fun is such an important part of that.”

-John Lasseter

Becoming an influencer means thinking creatively, working hard, and doing what you love. However, what happens when that passion becomes work?

Disney and Pixar remind people around the world of the simple joy of childhood. That sense of fun and wonder is what captures the audience’s imagination. By the end of each movie, it’s what hits the heart. It becomes a happy childhood memory even for adults. They will always associate that feeling when looking at a poster for yet another “Toy Story” movie.  It keeps them coming back.

How do you capture the feeling?

If you were to walk into Pixar headquarters, you would see every office individually decorates and Lego figures of characters in the lobby. Even companies such as Google mix whimsy with business for their employees. Why?

Because it makes their employees feel good and attracts the best up-and-comers too. Everyone wants to feel happy. They don’t want to think of work as “work.” Who wouldn’t want to see a Lego Woody on their way into work? (No, seriously, who wouldn’t?) This builds loyalty because people WANT to work with you. That loyalty creates connections, which brings more happy people to support you.

That energy captured by your staff will transfer into your product or service. It becomes fun and welcoming. People WANT to feel that. They want to feel like they are part of that creative process with you even if it’s just absorbing the story on the screen. They become creatively invested.

So, what are you waiting for? Have fun! Get creative! See where that energy can lead your audience, your team, and YOU during your next endeavor.

What do you think? How important is creating a “fun” and happy atmosphere in the workplace when creating a major product? Let us know in the comments below!

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