IN-Spiration: Examining Life and How You Can Start to Thrive

It’s almost been a month on this blog! Can you believe it? Throughout our first month, we have explored how failing can lead to greater success, the power of giving back, and how creativity can revitalize your work environment. Now, we want to focus on the most important part of being an influencer: YOU!

To kick off the week, we are getting IN-Spired to self-reflect with Socrates.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” 
― Socrates

What does it mean to examine life? Is looking at which habits work and don’t work in your life? Could it be meditating on your place in the universe? Perhaps it’s cleaning up your social media page?

This quote brings up hundreds of questions. However, the core of Socrates’s statement is simple. If you don’t reflect on your life then it’s all for nothing.

Millions of people around the world work hard to survive, to earn just enough to build a safe life. They don’t dare to fail. There’s no jumping outside the box. It’s just existence.

That’s not living.

Life is meant to be explored and understood. If we didn’t reflect on why we were here or how we can make the world better then what is the point of humanity? What’s the point of consciousness?

Okay, that got very deep. Most people are not philosophers. The same, though, can be applied to everyday life. Examine why you want the new job or if the person you’re with actually makes you happy. If you don’t take the time to ask yourself these questions, then you might not be living your life to the fullest. You’re just existing.

Don’t exist. Live. Thive. Examine Life.

Now, it’s time to examine Socrates’s words for yourself. What do you think? How does examining life effect your life? Let us know in our comments below or on our Facebook page.

What is “In-spiration?” In addition to creating custom content for entrepreneurs, Write Mind Media LLC is dedicated to helping business professionals create inspiring brands.  We help them to become better business professionals and human beings through inspirational quotes, an in-depth look at how these ideas can help you in business, and developing weekly challenges to push our readers to do better.

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