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At Write Mind Media LLC, we are a firm believer that anyone can become a modern day “influencer” with hard work, the right tools, and the “write” mentality. You can put in the work and we can supply one of those all-important tools with content and video, but the question is if your mind is in the right place to succeed.

That is what the Write Mind Media Blog is all about. We provide daily inspiration, weekly challenges, and informative articles on how to be a “modern influencer” so you can start inspiring yourself, your company, and your audience.

We call it “In-spiration” since we hope that these posts will help you be able to inspire yourself every day so you can succeed.

Here’s the plan:

Every Week Day we will have an inspirational quote to help inspire your day and how you can further explore what it can inspire in others. We encourage everyone to comment on these posts about how the quote of the day inspires them. These quotes will also be on our Instagram and Facebook.

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Beverly Sills was an opera soprano and classic influencer that used her powerful (and well trained) voice to help promote music and the arts.

Mondays, we will post an inspirational story of someone successful who overcame adversity to not only succeed but to also inspire generations and industries. A great way to kick start your week.

Tuesdays there will be articles on what we call “inspiration as influence” and how you can inspire your audience with your brand. We will also give examples on “modern influencers” to learn how to apply their successful techniques to your brand.

Thursdays are dedicated to brands and trends. We want to help you build your online presence to attract new audiences and jump on modern trends that are catching eyes.

Fridays mean it’s time for a challenge. We will be posting challenges for our followers with different “In-spiration” challenges. These could be anything from making their own quotes to talking with a stranger.

We hope that these posts will help challenge you to be stronger, happier, and more aware of the world as an entrepreneur and as a human being.

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