In-spire Yourself: Dare to Shake the World

Do you have what it takes to shake the world? We think so.

We’re channeling Mahatma Gandhi for today’s “In-spiration.”

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

It is astounding how everything we do can have an astronomical effect. Whether it only affects our lives or the whole world, it doesn’t matter. It has an effect that will ripple through the world before you know it. 

Perhaps you have been struggling with an idea. You don’t think it’s worth the time, the effort, or the money. How do you know? Think you can’t influence the world. Why don’t you find out? 

You can shake the world. Your idea can change something. Maybe it’ll change the way someone peels a potato or how a whole country is run. 

The point of this post is to make you wonder about the effect your business can have in someone’s life. If you still don’t think that it can have an effect, then ask yourself why. Why doesn’t it matter? Because your mom says you should have a steady job? A classmate said you wouldn’t succeed in anything?

Just by taking the step towards your dream business and sharing it with your audience, you are shaking the world.  The world might just seem small at first.

One of my favorite phrases is “A pebble can start an avalanche.” It means that a little idea can knock into another little idea. Eventually, it can hit a slightly larger rock and a larger one after that. Soon enough, you have people flocking to use your service or buy your product. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start shaking the world.

Now, what do you think? What does this quote inspire in you and how can you apply it to your business endeavors? 


What is “In-spiration?” In addition to creating custom content for entrepreneurs, Write Mind Media LLC is dedicated to helping business professionals create inspiring brands.  We help them to become better business professionals and human beings through inspirational quotes, an in-depth look at how these ideas can help you in business, and developing weekly challenges to push our readers to do better. 

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