Inspired Trends: Minimalism Mean Less is More

It’s Thursday which means today we are focusing on trends in marketing, design, and brands. Today we’re going to focus on…minimalism.

You might have noticed that our website possesses a rather simple, sparse design similar to brands like Apple.  That is because we are following the minimalist design trend that is sweeping the world.

You can spy minimalist influences everywhere from logos to Ikea furniture to the growing tiny house movement. Everyone, particularly millennials, is drawn to this design because of its elegant simplicity and clean imagery.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska / Kaboompics

What is Minimalist Design?

A minimalist design can be identified by its straight, clean lines, single-shade color balance, and a play with space. In incorporates a lot of whites and blacks with hints of colors such as rich greens, bold reds, and glimmering golds. It lends itself to natural elements that pop and make the design come alive.

These designs are easy to navigate and don’t require a lot of flash to be eye catching. It’s simplicity also allows designers the opportunity to find new ways to be creative with interesting texts or accent pieces.

Minimalist Design and Minimalist Lifestyle

Minimalist design finds inspiration in the minimalist lifestyle. The lifestyle believes that one can live a more fulfilling life by having fewer possessions. Instead of spending money on materialistic things, you have more money to spend on experiences such as travel or hanging out with your loved ones.

Perhaps that is what is so attractive about minimalist design. The empty spaces hint at the idea that there is something more behind the product. For example, your product on a crisp, white background not only has it front and center, but the simplicity of the image suggests that there doesn’t need to be anything. Your product is THAT good. It speaks for itself.

So, next time you are designing your marketing campaign or developing your logo, keep this trend in the back of your mind. With its timeless elegance, minimalism does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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