Inspired Brands: How Disney Has Stayed Magical

The statue of Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse at the front of Disney World. Roy was Walt’s brother and business partner.

In honor of our Pixar post from Monday and the D23 Expo* this weekend, we have decided to highlight the Disney brand rather than a trend.

If you don’t already know, the Walt Disney company has been able to ride the waves of pop culture since its creation in 1923. All the while, they have served as a symbol of childhood wonder and entertainment’s innovation.

The question we’re asking tonight, though, is…how do they do it

Know Your Brand

The fact of the matter is that you KNOW when you’re faced with a Disney product. Disney is a master at knowing its brand and how they can use it to expand it further. Is it always successful? Not necessarily when it comes to some lackluster sequels or the revamp of “Journey into Imagination.” However, it is always high quality and filled with little details that mystify fans. Not to mention, everywhere you look there is a popular Disney character saying hi.

Speaking of Quality

Disney is notorious for its quality. Their parks are some of the best in the world with “cast members” trained to constantly make guests feel welcomed and magical (like asking little “princesses” for their autographs). A Disney vacation, while expensive, is practically guaranteed to feel luxurious and magical.

The pin kiosk in Epcot is where Disney pin collectors from around the world come to trade.

Variety is Key

Disney has everything: movies, theme parks, stores, books, CDs, stage shows, cruises, toys, STAR WARS! Pretty sure the only thing the company doesn’t have yet is an airline. Disney is not afraid to diversify their portfolio. While this doesn’t always work for small businesses, it is an example of protecting the brand. Starting a website? Invest in similar domains to avoid copycats. Creating a film franchise? Make sure no one questions that it is yours.

With the 95th Anniversary just around the corner and Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary not far behind, it’s no secret that Disney is about to make a lot of noise in a big way. They already have Avatar Land attracting more guests to the Animal Kingdom. Star Wars Land will have a huge impact on attendance, especially with more films planned for the franchise. However, only time will tell what else Disney has up its sleeve.


*The D23 Expo is basically Comic-Con for Disney. It happens every two years and is when the company announces major additions to the parks (Avatar, Star Wars, Toy Story Land), movies (MCU, latest Pixar, and live-action films), and more.

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