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About Hailey Escobar

Owner Hailey Escobar is a seasoned writer with an experience in marketing, journalism, entertainment, and creative nonfiction. She thrives on researching new topics that help expand the knowledge of the average consumer and create powerful branding for companies and independent professionals. She is also experienced in film and video editing, having worked alongside entertainment professionals from around the country.

In addition to content creation, she is also a freelance writer, editor, screenwriter, freelance script supervisor, and writes a personal blog entitled “A Writer’s Life.


Are you an entrepreneur that is looking to add content to your website and inspire audiences to use your product or service? Write Mind Media will work with you to develop written and/or video content for your business’s marketing campaign.

How Can We Help You?

We will develop written and video content as well as marketing strategies to help attract new customers and audiences. Email or call today for a complimentary consultation to start developing a “write-minded” strategy to inspire you and your customers.

Our IN-Spiration

Our blog not only serves as an example of our content creation but we also use it to help entrepreneurs reflect on themselves and their business so they can inspire their audience. We invite our readers to contemplate inspirational quotes and learn about the latest trends.

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Inspired Brands: The Success and Diversity of “Hamilton”

Our country was created by the persecuted. Those who came from Europe were persecuted for their beliefs. Native Americans were driven off their land because they were believed to be inferior. Slaves were tortured and traded because of the color of their skin. Our country has fought for every right and liberty it has. Sometimes, it even if …


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